augmented reality //
spatial information //
3d and 4d printing // simulation and modelling //
human bionics

Welcome to the epicentre of our future. We are a growing community of scientists, technologists, entrepreneurs, engineers, artists and mathematicians with a common interest: our future. Yep, in the short and long term, there is a lot of work to be done rebuilding economies disrupted by technological and social change. We think this is a really exciting place to be, with lots of opportunities.  Here you can join in a range of activities or start new collaborative projects leveraging the expertise of a connected community.

There’s lots of discussion but this is much more than a talk fest. We focus on giving ideas enough room to breathe, so that they may emerge as projects with commercial or social outcomes. One of our goals is to find ways to fairly distribute the profits from collective ventures. Here we are running several models, and sharing the insights for further development.

Another goal is to improve spatial and simulation literacy, because these are the foundations of improved decision making and rapid learning. Our first projects are searchable databases of images, research papers and tools and templates relevant to simulation and spatial science.